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Lesley The Bay

“Lesley is a wonderful women and mother – caring and loving. She is respected by everyone at TeamBay and brings a lot of knowledge from her 50 years experience working in hospitality industry. She loves our customers and our customers love her. Lesley will always find a kind word or a joke when a situation is tough and always offers help in the busy service.”

How long have you worked at The Bay?

I’ve worked here for four years.  

What are your responsibilities?

My main responsibility is taking the customers orders but occasionally I’ll also train new TeamBay members. 

What’s your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part is meeting people, I just like speaking! I also love the routine I have and flexibility with my working hours which allows me to spend time with my friends and family and enjoy my hobbies. 

What’s your least favourite part of the job?

I don’t think I have a least favourite part because I get to do the job that I like. One thing that could frustrate me is turning customers away because we are very busy already. 

What is it that you like about working at The Bay?

I like meeting so many different people from around the world. I love Team Bay, we look after each other and always have something to talk about. I feel like I am looked after by my boss Calum.

How do you feel about being nominated as an unsung hero?

I don’t feel like a hero, I am just doing the job that I love and getting paid for it. 

But I am pleased as I have been working in hospitality for 50 years now and it is very nice to be noticed and rewarded.

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