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One in ten Brits eats a kebab every single day

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One in ten Brits eats a kebab every single day, a survey in celebration of tomorrow’s National Kebab Day (8th July) has found.

The study, conducted by online food ordering platform Foodhub, chewed over the nation’s kebab habits and found that almost one in five (17%) voted doner meat as the number one kebab filling, beating out competition from chicken tikka (11%) and chicken shawarma (9%).

The classic takeaway kebab has long been a favourite for post-sunset snacking, and almost two-thirds of the UK (64%) say the best time to eat a kebab is late at night.

With origins in Middle Eastern cuisine, the kebab has become a British takeaway staple and over one in 10 takeaway fans admit to eating a kebab every day, with 15% claiming they have one several times a week!

Elsewhere, the survey revealed that pitta is the best kebab bread (42%), while flatbread was second favourite (27%), and a wrap (18%) came in third. Naan bread was favoured by just 10% of kebab fans.

Brits’ favourite top five ingredients needed to make the perfect kebab include onion (51%), lettuce (49%), tomato (46%), cucumber (41%) and peppers (31%).

Garlic mayo (17%) is the number one kebab sauce. Yoghurt and mint (13%), hot sauce (12%), ketchup (11%) and ordinary mayo also made up the top five (10%).

When it comes to kebab love in the regions, doner meat was crowned the king of kebab in East Anglia (20%), East Midlands (21%), London (16%), Northern Ireland (20%), Scotland (20%), South East (16%), South West (22%), Wales (20%) and Yorkshire and the Humber (18%).

Elsewhere, the North East (17%) and West Midlands (16%) elected chicken tikka as the ultimate kebab meat, whereas the North West named chicken shawarma as their go-to filling of choice.


  1. Doner meat (17%)
  2. Chicken tikka (11%)
  3. Chicken shawarma (9%)
  4. Chicken doner (7%)
  5. Shish (6%)


  1. Onion (51%)
  2. Lettuce (49%)
  3. Tomato (46%)
  4. Cucumber (41%)
  5. Peppers (31%)
  6. Sweetcorn (26%)
  7. Jalapenos (21%)
  8. Cabbage (21%)
  9. Pickles (15%)
  10. Cheese (14%)


  1. Garlic mayo (17%)
  2. Yoghurt and mint (13%)
  3. Hot sauce (12%)
  4. Ketchup (11%)
  5. Mayo (10%)

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