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Keejays, which has been making speciality sauces and pastes for professional and home kitchens since 1985, is adding Portuguese Style Piquant Piri Piri concentrate to its Goldfish Brand Professional range.

Described as an innovative, highly cost effective, complete, multi-functional sauce concentrate mix, it requires water and heat to bring the flavours to life.

Venturing outside of the brand’s classic Chinese roots, this Piri Piri sauce is packed full of flavour with everything from hints of fresh citrusy lemon, heat from red chilli, smoked paprika, onion and garlic, and a touch of spearmint for freshness, all layered on a rich tomato base.

Perfect with chicken, halloumi, roasted vegetables and much more, the sauce can be served hot for pouring or ambient as a condiment or marinade. It can also be made in advance, portioned and kept chilled, ready for when service begins.

For a more intense Piri Piri flavour, the concentrate can also be used as a marinade straight from the tub.

CEO and owner of Keejays, Sammy Lee, calls the new concentrate the “cook’s essential” when preparing Piri Piri chicken and says it guarantees time-saving convenience and outstanding cost savings without compromising on quality.

He adds: “We love sauces – and it’s a good job too, as we have been making them since my father, Mr Kee Wah Lee, founded Keejays in 1985. Since then, we have continued to grow and expand our collection in line with people’s developing – and increasingly explorational – tastes. The launch of our new sauce – Piri Piri Portuguese Style Piquant Sauce Concentrate – is the next step in our hopefully long journey.

“The team here at Keejays has worked hard to create innovative, restaurant-quality and, most importantly, delicious products. We’re incredibly proud of our new creation and we can’t wait for our loyal Goldfish fans and new cooks to try them.”

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