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KTC Hi Oleic

Hi Oleic Sunflower Oil from KTC is a high-performance, cost-effective frying oil which it claims is revolutionising frying in foodservice. 

Derived from special varieties of sunflower bred to contain higher levels of oleic acid than standard oils, high oleic sunflower oil is said to resist oxidation and last significantly longer than ordinary sunflower oil. With exceptional durability and a high oleic content exceeding 80%, KTC says HOSO ensures prolonged frying life, surpassing conventional sunflower and vegetable oils.

Ideal for cooking and baking as well as frying, HOSO offers a long shelf life, neutral taste and zero trans fats. What’s more, it is high in monounsaturated fat and significantly lower in saturated fats than other popular frying oils and fats. 

KTC only sources from key crushers and refineries, providing consistent quality. Available in 15-litre and 20-litre drums and bottle-in-box, KTC Hi Oleic Sunflower Oil is certified vegan, halal, and Kosher-compliant. 

KTC 0121 505 9200

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