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Cambro’s larger Pro Cart Ultra Pan Carriers, available from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM), offer flexible food transportation by carrying hot and cold modules in the same cart. What’s more, the modules are interchangeable, so by buying an extra hot or cold module, the cart can be customised.

Available in two sizes, the PCU1000 has the capacity to hold 14 1/1 gastronorm pans at 65mm deep and measures 559 x 864 x 1702mm, whereas the PCU2000 has the capacity to hold 28 1/1 D65mm gastronorm pans and measures 762 x 965 x 1727mm.

The hot modules safely maintain food temperatures with gentle, non-radiant heat. The elements heat from room temperature to 73.9°C in just 15 minutes, with a 20-second recovery time if the door is opened.  The cold module uses thermoelectric cooking technology for safe transport. It quickly cools down to 0.28°C, without a compressor, and has a 23-second recovery time. List prices start at £6,890.

FEM 01355 244111 www.fem.co.uk

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