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Lunch “hour” shrinks to less than 30 minutes, study reveals

Home » News » Lunch “hour” shrinks to less than 30 minutes, study reveals

The average time taken to eat lunch during a working day is just 29 minutes, with seven in ten modern workers not dreaming of being away from their messages and e-mails for a full hour.

That’s the findings on a new study conducted by Branston Pickle, which also reveals that even despite the rise in home working, more than a quarter (26%) say they never down tools or ignore their emails, even while eating lunch.

More than a third (36%) check work messages and take calls during lunch breaks, while 38% of workers are constantly interrupted by work calls and messages while eating.

35% say they don’t have enough time to take a full hour, 25% worry about missing important emails and 21% are scared their boss will think they’re slacking.

The study also found that over half (57%) of workers appreciate that time away from their desk is beneficial to their mental health, and that half (49%) admit that having a proper lunch break helps them feel more motivated about their job.

With the UK’s lunch break in danger, Branston Pickle has launched a Google plugin to help Brits reclaim their lunch break.

Available to download via the Google Chrome store, the plugin will pop-up during workers’ lunchtime and encourage Brits to take that much-needed lunch break from their desks.

Angharad Wilson Dyer Gough, senior brand manager at Branston, said: “When we heard that the UK’s lunch breaks were under fire, we knew we had to do something to encourage workers to step away from their desks.”

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