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30 Minutes With…Murray Morrison, Garioch Fish Bar, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

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Murray The Garioch Fish Bar

How did you get into the industry?

I completed an honours degree in business studies and worked for a company for about six months, but I just couldn’t work under someone else so I left and set up a seafood company, bought a flat and got married all in April 1993. Whilst supplying hotels, restaurants and chip shops, a unit came up and my wife said you’ve nothing to lose so I converted it into a fish and chip shop.

What’s your favourite food?

A good Chinese or Thai dish. I just love all the flavours they combine together, especially garlic, ginger, chilli, fish sauce and soya.

Is there a food you won’t eat?

I’ll attempt to eat any food really, but I try to shy away from processed foods as I enjoy cooking from scratch.

Where have you had the best fish and chips?

The best fish and chips that have stuck in my mind was when I was a child out for a Sunday run with my mother and father. We ended up in Arbroath beside the harbour and got amazing fish and chips wrapped in old newspaper. The fish was so fresh and the newspaper was The Sun page 3. I always remember that!

What side is a must with your fish and chips?

Homemade tartare sauce. We make it in the shop and it just gives our fish and chips that extra kick. The secret is top quality mayo.

If you could open a fish and chip shop anywhere, where would it be?

I would open a chip shop in Fuengirola, Spain. There would be plenty of passing trade and it would be busy during the summer, giving me more time to play golf in the winter months – but my wife won’t let me!

Do you have a favourite restaurant?

Yans Thai restaurant in Westhill, Aberdeenshire. I have known Bryan, the owner, for 30 years and the quality of the food never varies. It’s always superb.

What is your go-to drink?

Gin and tonic – a third gin, two-thirds tonic with ice and lemon or cucumber. There’s been an explosion of new gins recently.

What dish reminds you most of your childhood?

My mother’s mince and tatties. She made it most weekends with Barber the butcher mince and I always had English mustard on the side.

What is your guilty food pleasure?

It would have to be a late-night sneaky Chinese vermicelli noodle after work, but don’t tell my wife!

What’s been your weirdest food combination?

I was in Barcelona recently and ended up in their massive food hall. I was starving so tried fresh oysters, sardines, chicken, cheese and sausages all on one plate. It seemed a good idea at the time but a few hours later I wasn’t feeling too good!

What one piece of equipment would you love to purchase for your business?

I’ve always had a Kiremko frying range in the shop as they really are workhorses. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Paul Williams and his daughter Tanya down at KFE’s Peterborough base so it’s getting closer to a new range time!

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