Five pan Henry Nuttall range propels capacity for Angell’s Fisheries 

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Henry Nuttall Range

When Covid put a temporary hold on events, Steven Angell and partner Sophie reassessed their future in the mobile catering business and in August last year bought a fish and chip shop in their home village of Newark, Nottingham. Taking on the chippy, which dates back to 1905, also meant taking on a huge renovation project as the premises hadn’t been touched for over 50 years. 

While the ground floor of the renamed Angell’s Fisheries was refurbished immediately, providing a dedicated prep and storage area, the upstairs floor had to wait until this year. 

With this whole area now dedicated to frying and serving, Steven and Sophie had plenty of space to replace the old two pan range with a five pan high efficiency Henry Nuttall wall range. 

Featuring two hot boxes, a basket store, a griddle and two chip boxes, the range has been designed with future growth in mind. Steven comments: “We knew we needed a third pan but we went for five because we want to push into deliveries next year and we know for a fact that three pans won’t be enough.” 

Thought also went into the layout of the range, with Steven adding: “We’ve got two chip boxes, one at either end of the range, so that all deliveries will be done from the left side with the wrapping and everything being pushed to the back of the shop. Then all the takeaway orders will be pushed to the right side to get them out the door at the front of the shop.”

With the luxury of three extra pans – two are currently used for beef dripping until deliveries kick in – Steven says the range has had a huge impact on the business.“Frying is not as stressful. We’re busier now because of the revamp so we’re taking more money but it’s easier. 

“On the old range we had to pay a lot of attention to what the temperatures were doing and this meant you had to be really quite skilled to work it. Whereas now, we’re not focusing on what the range is doing, we’re focusing on what we are putting into it because we know that it’s going to hold those temperatures.”

While the switch to basket frying is ensuring a constant flow of fresh chips, the added benefit of built-in filtration is also paying off, with Steven commenting: “Filtering the oil is not as labour intensive as it was before. It was probably consuming someone’s time for about half an hour in the morning whereas now it’s only 10 minutes.”

Swayed by the fact the range was British-made and competitive on price, Steven is pleased with his decision to go with Henry Nuttall, adding: “The range is a million times better than the two pan range we had before and we are confident that we’ve got the extra capacity there now to up the volume of the shop.”

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