Fryersmate has introduced a longer batter tin ideal for busy shops that get through large quantities quickly.

Measuring 41cm with handles, the large batter tin holds approximately six litres on a flat surface – more on an angle. This is an additional 1 litre compared to its current version, which means less topping up, saving time and steps.

Friers have three models to choose from – with lip (on short side), with flange (on high side) or plain. Internal dimensions measure 36.5cm long x 13cm wide (base) x 12cm high on the short side and 16cm on the higher side. The flange is located on the bottom on the higher side, while the lip is on the shorter side.

Priced from £75 +VAT, the large batter tin is made from high-grade stainless steel so is easy to clean and does not easily corrode.
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