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National Fish & Chip Day 2023

This year’s National Fish & Chip Day will go down as one to remember with suppliers and shops across the UK taking part like never before

I don’t know what it was about this year’s National Fish & Chip Day but something was different. Maybe it was the fact we’ve had such a tough year and shops wanted a feel-good day that they could go all out for…and that’s what they did.

The momentum behind this year’s event seemed bigger than ever and some large-scale events certainly helped put fish and chips centre stage. 

Malt vinegar brand Sarson’s took over the front and back pages of commuter newspaper Metro UK, calling for the public to support their local chippy and stating that just two additional visits a year could help stem the tide of predicted closures. 

In London, Bennett’s Fish & Chips gave away hundreds of portions of fish and chips in the sunshine outside Trinity House, while over 200 Chelsea Pensioners were treated to fish and chips at their Royal Hospital Chelsea home courtesy of ingredients supplier Ceres. 

On the road

Several chippies hit the road, such as Hirwaun-based Penaluna’s who pitched up at Road Dahl Plass on Cardiff Bay and served nearly 600 free portions of fish and chips with suppliers Fylde Fresh & Fabulous and Middletons pitching in with product and manpower. Likewise, The Bay Fish & Chips in Stonehaven arrived at Edinburgh University where it dished up 500 portions of free fish and chips in two hours!

Range supplier KFE hosted one of the UK’s leading food reviewers, Food Review Club, at its School of Frying Excellence, teaching frontman Matt what makes great fish and chips. The video has clocked up over 10,000 views and more than 300 positive comments. 

Shops played their parts too, running special offers, wearing branded merchandise, delivering to care homes and posting on social media. Many reported customers who had missed the day coming in the following day for their fix. MPs and councillors were very vocal in supporting shops in their constituencies and wards, while cartoons and puns flooded social media. It felt as if the whole industry got behind the day.

According to NEODA, early indications suggest it’s the most successful day to date in terms of the number of people who would have seen, heard or read something on the day, with president Gary Lewis adding: “There was national TV and radio coverage, more national newspaper coverage than in previous years and it seems like every regional radio station across the country got involved. Shops went all out to celebrate and we loved seeing all the amazing pictures of the new merch and the fun they were having.”

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