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Try new Doner Pie

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Pukka Doner Pie

Pukka has launched a limited-edition recipe pie to help chip shops tempt the next generation

This autumn, Pukka, the nation’s number one pie brand1, is bringing extra flavour to chip shop counters with the launch of a new, limited-edition recipe – just in time for prime pie-eating season. 

Blending top-tier takeaway favourites – The People’s Pie and Doner Kebab – Pukka’s new first-to-market Doner Kebab Pie is set to make the next generation of pie eaters fall in love with their local chippy, like those before them.

British culture

Pukka started off selling its pies in the nation’s fish and chip shops over 60 years ago and has been embedded in British culture and tradition ever since – but it’s never seen its traditional roots as a limitation. In recent years, the brand has successfully launched a pipeline of disruptive, modern recipes with full-on flavour profiles – and Pukka’s new Doner Kebab pie is no exception to this.

Last autumn, the brand saw huge success in paying tribute to its chippy heartland with the launch of the Pukka Chip Shop Chicken Curry pie. Proving an instant hit among chip shop customers, this quickly topped the ranks as one of the brand’s fastest-selling NPD launches of all time. Now, building on this success, the team is aiming to tantalise the tastebuds of a new generation of takeaway lovers – all at a time when more and more Brits are tucking into a pie and chips. Pukka’s Managing Director, Isaac Fisher, divulges the details.

“With over 60 years’ experience making and baking our pies for the Great British Chippy, we’ve got a proven track record of getting the classics right, like our chip-shop favourite Steak & Kidney,” says Isaac. “And in recent years, we’ve stretched way beyond this to diversify our bestselling portfolio of full-on flavour pies. Today, our line-up includes something for everyone – like our Veggie Cheese, Leek & Potato and vegan duo which are helping chip shop owners appeal to the evolving dietary and taste preferences of modern customers.

“Our new limited-edition Doner Kebab pie is a case in point here. A bold flavour fusion aimed at those who like a little bit of spice in their takeaways, it’s geared towards driving a new wave of younger customers into their local chippy. And it’s already set up to do exactly that, with over half (57%) of customers already saying this latest flavour fusion appeals to them2.

“With a launch date that we’ve timed to coincide with peak pie consumption, the Pukka Doner Kebab pie is chip shop owners’ ticket to taking an even bigger slice out of the all-important autumn/winter sales period.”

Pukka pies

Boost pie profits

Pukka’s support stretches beyond just launching fresh innovation to help chip shop owners inject some excitement into their counters, to offering a whole host of POS to arm chippy owners with the tools they need to boost pie profits.

“We’ve refreshed our social media toolkit over on our foodservice website to include ready-made Doner Kebab pie-related social content in a bid to encourage chip shop owners to spread the word and drive a surge in sales for this latest NPD. Alongside this, we’ve also updated the website to include new, complimentary POS – including digital menu screen ads, pie heater signs and new-look window posters – to help chippy owners maximise engagement and encourage purchase on impulse,” concludes Isaac.

Pukka’s new Doner Kebab pie is available to order now in cases of 12 x frozen baked and individually-wrapped pies. Call 0116 264 4000 to place your order.

SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT: To download tips, tricks and FREE assets to spread the word and entice new customers, visit pukkapies.co.uk/foodservice

1.  IRI GB Chilled + Frozen Pie Brand Value Sales 52wk data to 06/08/2023 2.  VYPR Sentiment Steer, 210 respondents 18.04.23

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