Supplement your spuds with potato Halos and Crunchies 

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Country Range

Combining the latest tato-tech with the best British spuds are two new potato products from Country Range.

Potato Halos are described as being a combination of an onion ring and a hash brown with a crispy coating and the perfect shape to enhance burgers, breakfast sandwiches and brunch dishes. Or why not stack with cheese and gravy for the ultimate dirty side? 

Potato Crunchies on the other hand are miniature versions of the hash brown and come with a multitude of serving options. For example, they can be served as a straight up side – especially on a kids menu – or taken to the next level by loading them up with salsa, sliced gherkins and jalapenos. Even more striking is adding them as a topping for a casserole or pie recipe. They can be baked or fried and, as with the Potato Halos, are allergen-free and suitable for vegans.

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