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The demand for spicy chicken breading and marinades has increased in recent years as consumers look to add heat and flavour to their chicken dishes.

Rupert’s has responded to this by launching a range of spicy chicken breading and marinades which it says offers a distinct and exciting flavour profile compared to traditional breading options. Their combination of heat and spices add a kick to chicken, making it more flavourful and enjoyable for those who appreciate spicy food.

 With a growing interest in global cuisines, such as Mexican, Korean and cajun, customers are more inclined to experiment with different flavours and spice levels. Spicy chicken breading is ideal for incorporating bold and zesty flavours into meals. 

Social media is also fuelling the demand for spicy chicken dishes, with influencers and food bloggers often showcasing their spicy chicken creations, generating excitement and inspiring others.

 According to Rupert’s, some consumers even seek out spicy foods for their health benefits, with spices like chilli peppers containing capsaicin, which is associated with various health benefits, including increased metabolism and pain relief.

 Rupert’s offers shops a versatile way to capitalise on these trends by offering ready-made spicy breadings and marinades that can in used in various fried chicken dishes, such as tenders and nuggets, or even as a coating for baked chicken.

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