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Rupert's Sauces

Rupert’s Ingredients has launched a range of marinades and basting sauces that can be used before coating and frying chicken to add flavour and texture and to lock in juices. 

Available in a range of popular varieties and different heat levels, including Peri Peri, Smokey BBQ, Jamaican Jerk and X-hot Buffalo, marinading chicken not only adds flavour but prevents the meat from drying out inside so it stays juicy and tender. It also provides a soft contrast to the crunchy fried exterior for an enhanced customer experience.  

Rupert’s sauces are incredibly versatile, suiting a whole range of chicken products from wings, strips and bites, and can also be used as dipping sauces served alongside chicken and chips or for basting chicken, giving a nice even coating. 

Rupert’s marinades and basting sauces are available in 4 x 2kg tubs.

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