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Staying firmly with frymax

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Zero Plus Fish Bar in Cardiff closed its doors in October for its first refurbishment in 31 years. This month it will reopen with polished concrete floors, a high efficiency frying range, digital menus, two self-serve kiosks and seating for almost 50.

“We’ve never really changed the design,” says owner Zohaib Hussain, who has taken the business over from his parents. “It was an old-fashioned, traditional shop and that’s what worked but, now it’s in my hands, I’m going all modern.”

Whilst there isn’t much of the old shop left, Zero Plus Fish Bar will continue to fry in Frymax palm oil, a product it inherited from the previous owners 31 years ago. “We were really happy with Frymax when we took over the shop and it was one of the things that we didn’t have to worry about because we knew we were using the best. Because it’s the UK market leader, I know I’m in safe hands.”

Over the years, Frymax has invested in improvements both to its product and its processes, steps that reassure Zohaib he is doing the right thing for his customers. “Frymax signed up to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) over a decade ago now and its palm oil is fully certified as sustainable. For us to say that we use a sustainable product is huge because we’re looking after the future generations.” 

Also of importance is the fact Frymax doesn’t contain any unhealthy trans fats or hydrogenated oils. Zohaib comments: “There are cheaper products available but many of these contain hydrogenated fats. Although these might benefit you financially in the short term, you’re not doing your customers any favours. You have to look after your customers and give them the best product you can.”

To ensure his oil lasts as long as possible, Zohaib tests it daily, adding: “We don’t wait for our oil to deteriorate, we’re constantly looking after it, constantly filtering it, constantly testing it and topping it up. By doing that, we’re not only getting longevity from our oil but giving the food a consistent flavour too. If you imagine changing the oil completely, you’re getting brand new oil and your fish is going to taste different on a Monday to, say, a Tuesday. To have that consistency is really important to us and I think that’s what the industry strives for.”

While Zohaib has fried on various ranges and in all manner of frying mediums, his preference is always for Frymax, adding: “Frymax lets the flavour of the food really stand out, which is what I want for my customers. I want them to taste the flavour of the food, not the oil.”

Frymax www.frymax.co.uk

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