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Mi Order app offers customers the same in-shop experience online at Bizzie lizzie’s

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Bizzie lizzie’s

In an effort to limit the number of customers queuing inside as well as reduce the time spent waiting for their orders, Bizzie Lizzie’s has introduced a click and collect service at its Swadford Street site in Skipton, North Yorkshire, using the Mi Order online ordering app from BD Signs & BDigital. 

Integrating the facility into Bizzie Lizzie’s existing website, customers are clearly signposted to the online ordering page where they can choose the time slot, place their order and pay online.

“It’s all contactless, customers walk into the shop now, their food is ready and they walk back out again,” says owner Katie Davison who, like many, says the business probably wouldn’t have looked at an online ordering app had Covid not forced her arm.

“I’m glad we made the decision now because our customers are really appreciative of having that option, whether it saves them mixing with other people when they don’t want to, or from queuing if it’s raining because they can now order, go grab a coffee from somewhere and come back.”

Created specifically for the fish and chip shop sector, Katie likes the attention to detail the Mi Order app offers, adding: “We wanted customers to have the same experience as they would if they were ordering in person so we’ve had the app set up to include even the finer details. For example, customers can select just salt, just vinegar or salt and vinegar on every item. Customers have appreciated that we have gone to that detail and that’s because we understand how important even salt and vinegar are to them.”

Since introducing the app, Katie has noticed an increase in the number of special items, such as burgers and gluten free fish and chips, as customers no longer have to wait for these to be cooked to order.

With no commission to pay for the app, just a low, fixed monthly fee, Katie knows exactly how much it will cost, which makes budgeting through the shop’s quieter months easier. Also winning her over is the fact that she is in control of making any updates, adding: “If we’re too busy, we can turn click and collect off or if there are prices that need changing, I can do it all through the back office rather than having to wait for somebody to do it for me.”

With the Mi Order app now bedded in with staff and customers, Katie is pleased with the service she’s received, adding: “BD Signs were a great support, especially in the beginning when our staff and customers were still learning, they were available 24/7. Although it was new for all of us, now we’re down the line, it’s all been worth it.”

BD Signs & BDigital 0115 979 4330 www.bdsignsnottingham.co.uk

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