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Auckley Friery

Age: 75  

Position: Chef and manager

Nominated by owner David Nicolaou, who says: “Monica has been part of the team for nearly as long as I have owned Auckley Friery in December 2003. She is dependable, reliable and honest as the day is long. She’s also a fabulous chef. She is an indispensable part of our team. She certainly keeps the other members of staff on their toes. She quietly gets on with her job and gives me the freedom of time to push the business forwards. She deserves this recognition.”

How long have you worked at Auckley Friery?

I have worked at Auckley Friery for 19 years. I previously owned and ran a fish shop and coffee bar. I have known David for a long time and knew I would be a great fit for his fish and chip shop so he invited me to join the team.

What are your main responsibilities?

My responsibilities are chef manager, dealing with end of day financials, cash handling and dealing directly with customers. Ensuring quality standards are maintained at the highest level. Ensuring food hygiene and health and safety standards are met by all the team and keeping a spotless environment at all times. I also make sure that the customers are happy with their food and come back for more.

What is your favourite part of your job?

The satisfaction of coming to work and seeing customers come back time and time again. The relationship with the locals is very rewarding. It’s one of the great pleasures of my job.

What is your least favourite part of your job?

There is no least favourite part of my job, I love all the work I do. At my age, it inspires me coming to work, feeling useful and feeling needed.

How do you feel to be nominated as an Unsung Hero?

It was a huge surprise to be nominated, so I feel very humble and grateful.  

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