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In her new role as supervisor, 20-year-old Izzi Jones helps oversee the day-to-day running of Millers in Haxby, York, and she’s been instrumental in developing its back office system 

I started working front-of-house at Millers in July 2019 but I was such a nervous person, I couldn’t even answer the phone! There were a lot of challenges with my self-confidence but thanks to David, Nick and Mark showing me what to do and being patient with me, within about three months of working here I loved it so much I could see myself having a future at Millers. 

I gained the confidence to put myself forward for a supervisor role in 2020 and we were just about to have a meeting when Covid hit and we went into lockdown so that pushed back my plans a little bit. But, finally, a few months ago, I became a supervisor, which brings many more responsibilities with it. 

Now, for example, I’m in charge of the shift briefs, which means putting enough staff on chips, bagging, the door, etc. I’m also managing the staff files, making sure everyone is wearing the correct uniform, following hygiene and safety, as well as customer complaints so it’s definitely a much more challenging role.

One aspect I’ve been particularly interested in and that I’ve helped develop is the back office side of things. I tend to input all the new products into the till and update the price increases. I’m then able to share what I have learned with Mark and the other supervisors to improve our knowledge. 

I really do put everything I can into Millers and I think the reason why I put in so much effort is that the business treats me and all my other colleagues so well. David, Nick and Mark might be the owners and the managers but they treat us with total respect and view us all as part of one team. That culture of respect filters down to all the staff.

We are also all made to feel part of the business because we are involved in the decision making. For example, Nick, David and Mark when they do have ideas they will come to us and say what do you think about this? Could we grow with this? 

We’re talking at the moment about doing more pop-up days at food festivals and really trying to branch out and expand what we are doing. I’m glad to be here to see the growth and see the business expanding because it’s exciting to be part of a company that is moving with the times. The business is so different to the one I joined three years ago where we just had a takeaway and a restaurant. Now we have click and collect, delivery and the pop-ups. Nick and David are always looking three steps ahead at the next opportunity and it’s exciting to be part of that. 

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