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Chandler Cotton-Betteridge started at Simpsons in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, two years ago and now, aged 18, has been made head frier at its newest shop opening in Gloucester

Two years ago, I applied for a job as a counter assistant at Simpsons as I’d just finished school and was looking for full-time employment. I started from the bottom as, apart from a couple of lessons in food tech at school, I had no previous experience in catering, so I was pot-washing, cleaning, serving people and taking orders. Almost straight away I knew I loved the job and the working environment here so I pushed myself and took on more responsibilities and then when I turned 18, I started to fry. 

I was quite surprised at how difficult frying was because there’s actually so much detail that goes into it – the different times and temperatures – but the others made it look so easy! I’ve been really fortunate though to have been trained by a couple of different members of staff so I’ve taken bits from both of them and applied myself and it’s paid off because just a couple of months ago I was made head frier. 

I really love my job, the atmosphere, the bosses, the people. I enjoy being at work, coming to work and doing my job, especially now we are just getting the new shop in Gloucester up and running. We’ve only just got the keys and there’s a bit of work to do before we open in early February. It’s really exciting being involved in a new business and I feel I’m ready for the challenge. I’m pleased that Bonny and James, the owners, had the confidence to move me across and I can’t wait to put everything I’ve learned into practice at Gloucester and bring the Simpsons name and food to a new area.

I started at Simpsons not really knowing where it would lead to, but I can now see myself rising through the ranks and going even higher. I am pushing towards that goal of being a manager or general manager. I’d love one day to be in charge, doing the ordering, looking at the expenses. I really want to be on the top tier of my role and help to take the shops forward, whether that’s with ideas, new menu items or new processes. 

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