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The Fish Works

A fish and chip shop in Scotland is swapping portions of chips for toys in a bid to make Christmas Day a little brighter for local children. 

The Fish Works in Largs is running a toy drive with customers donating a toy rewarded with a free portion of chips. 

All gifts donated will go to the local church which is hosting a Christmas lunch for over 60 adults and their children on Christmas Day. 

The Fish Works owner Tiffany Irvin comments: “We usually buy lots of toys and donate them to the local food bank but this year they aren’t collecting toys. We still wanted to support them so we’ve given them food vouchers to hand out over the next weeks for those struggling to come down and get free food. 

“But I really liked the idea of donating toys and this year I thought let’s try and get more than last year by offering an incentive. So we are doing a free portion of chips for every toy donated to get as many toys as we can.”

The initiative launched on Saturday and by the end of the shift two customers had already donated two toys each. 

Tiffany adds: “I didn’t expect people to come down quite as quickly as they did!

“We really want to give back to the community. We live where our shop is so the more we can do to help the better. 

“We know with the cost of living and everything being absolutely crazy just now, there are a lot of people who can’t do what they normally do. By offering free chips it’s a wee incentive that will hopefully make people more likely to donate – and it makes it a wee bit more of a whole community drive.”

The Fish Works is running the toy drive until 20th December.

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