Fusco family pays tribute to hardworking staff as it celebrates 55 years in business

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Fusco Family Whitby

The Fusco family, which owns Quayside, Royal Fisheries and Fish Box in Whitby and Fish Box Robin Hood’s Bay, is celebrating 55 years in business with a focus on its hardworking staff, many of whom have worked for them for over 20 years.

The business, which started in 1968 by Violet and Dennis Fusco with the purchase of Royal Fisheries, was passed onto their son Peter and his wife Carol in 1979. In 1999, Peter and Carol and their four children went on to purchase Quayside, followed by Fish Box Whitby in 2013 and Fish Box Robin Hood’s Bay in 2016.  

Today, Stuart, Adrian, Raymond and Maria all work within the business alongside Carol and are supported by other family members and a strong team of hardworking individuals. 

One such member is Philip Stentiford who, in January, completed his 20 years of service for the firm. Philip has worked alongside all the family members and has become a favourite with the local customers at Royal Fisheries, particularly on Friday and Saturday teatimes, the busiest time of the week. 

There are seven additional staff members working within the company who have each clocked up between 10 and 24 years of service.

In an industry that is known for its transient career moves, the family works hard to retain its staff, offering above minimum wage pay, a comprehensive training programme and the opportunity to progress.  

Meanwhile, the team put their long service levels down to the fairness of the family, who try and share out the hours during the quieter winter months, and describe them as “approachable” and “empathetic”. 

Philip comments: “I am supported, treated as an individual and valued; I feel part of the family team and enjoy working with the people around me. The family have high standards and constantly re-invest and expand, they are a great company to work for.”

Carol also puts their staffing success down to the family-like atmosphere that is at the heart of the business. 

She comments: “As a hands-on family, we work closely with our team every single day. We rely on each other and try and look after the individual needs of all our team. We are big believers that a happy person goes above and beyond and that’s exactly what we want our customers to experience.”

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