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Survey reveals which city can handle the spiciest curry

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Norwich is the city that can handle the hottest curry, according to a survey by meal-box delivery company HelloFresh to celebrate National Curry Week. 

The data reveals that those living in Norwich are the biggest eaters of phall, a curry that is considered the hottest available in the world and hits up to 350,000 Scoville units.

To compare, a vindaloo sits at around 100,000Scoville units and certainly isn’t for the light hearted, but of the cities surveyed, people from Birmingham gave Vindaloo the most love, with 1 in 20 Brummies voting for it and ranking them in 2nd place. 

It’s Geordies that don’t seem to be able to handle the heat, with korma receiving the most votes from the North-East city, followed closely by Bristol who favoured pasanda over any other city. 

Sheffield ranked third for being able to handle the spiciest curry and are most likely to opt for a madras with one in five people naming it their favourite.


  1. Norwich
  2. Birmingham
  3. Sheffield
  4. Edinburgh
  5. Belfast
  6. Liverpool
  7. Leeds
  8. Southampton
  9. Nottingham
  10. Manchester
  11. Cardiff
  12. Bristol
  13. Newcastle

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