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Profit from St Patrick’s Day (Friday 17th March) by adding Dinaclass Irish Curry sauce to your menu.

Offering a warm and hearty accompaniment to fish and chips, Dinaclass Irish Curry Sauce combines the classic flavour of an Irish curry sauce but to a stronger spice level for a hotter kick. A serving of Dinaclass Irish Curry Sauce is a must-have on St Patrick’s Day alongside other Irish classics such as soda bread, Guinness and Irish stew!

Dinaclass Irish Curry Sauce is available in a powdered format in 10kg bags. It can be pre-prepared in minutes simply by adding water and then held in a Bain Marie or, alternatively, mixed and served on the spot.

With St Patrick’s Day falling on a Friday this year, it is an ideal opportunity to boost sales and increase profits. You could get the whole team wearing green and put on a “lucky” promotion by placing a sticker underneath some pots of Dinaclass Irish Curry Sauce, so customers win a free portion redeemable on their next visit.

Have fun, drive sales, and generate more profits with Dinaclass Irish Curry sauce.

For more information, visit eu.kerryfoodservice.com/pages/Dinaclass

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