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Marcus Coleman Seafish

Seafish, the public body supporting the UK seafood industry, has launched its Corporate Plan 2023-2028.

This strategic roadmap reflects the organisation’s vision for a thriving seafood sector and its ambition to drive the industry forward and foster sustainability, resilience, and prosperity. 

Following a Strategic Review of Seafish, the process has shaped the priorities outlined in Seafish’s new 5-year plan, ensuring it directly addresses the needs of industry.

“Our new Corporate Plan demonstrates our ongoing commitment to support the UK seafood industry,” said Marcus Coleman, CEO at Seafish. “Consultation with industry and government stakeholders has been instrumental in shaping our new priorities. By working together, we can ensure that our initiatives are directly informed by the aspirations of the seafood industry.”

The new strategy aims to provide the support industry needs to address current challenges, such as labour shortages, the climate emergency, post Brexit trade as well as reputational challenges the sector faces.

“Our non-competitive position working across the supply chain and the UK is a fundamental strength that enables us to provide the support industry needs,” Marcus continued. “It helps us to work in close partnership with all parts of the sector, ensuring we are ready to address the challenges and opportunities an increasingly volatile and evolving landscape create.”

The Seafish Corporate Plan 2023-2028 has been turned into an interactive video allowing viewers to create playlists based on the information they are most interested in. Visit the interactive video at 

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