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London company looking to recruit takeaway testers

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A London-based company is advertising for a team of takeaway testers on a month-long contract with a salary of £1,000.

The vacancy, being offered by online building supplier Materials Market, hopes to discover what the best fast food options are for tradespeople on the go.

There are six positions available and the role will require candidates to test 20 of the UK’s favourite fast food meals for either breakfast or lunch, including Greggs sausage roll and omelette egg breakfast baguette, McDonald’s large Big Mac meal and a footlong Subway Meatball.

After each meal the taste testers will be required to log how they feel, monitoring levels of fullness, energy, productivity, sluggishness and overall satisfaction. This will be repeated again two and four hours after eating.

The advert reads: “In trade jobs you’re physically put to work and as a result, burn lots of calories, so a substantial meal is a necessity to keep you full, satisfied and energised throughout the working day. Therefore we’re really excited to launch this experiment, working with our team of testers, along with a nutritionist, to discover what the best fast food options out there are.”

No previous qualifications or experience are required for the role, however, applicants must be over the age of 18.

Applicants are being taken online up until Friday 27th May 2022.

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