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You will have put much thought and money into buying your frying range so it is absolutely catastrophic to not put the same level of consideration into maintaining your pans, says Stelios Theocharous, MD at Ceres.

This is because carbon, fatty acids and polymerisation caused by the frying process can build up on pans, covering up potential problems, causing corrosion and affecting the performance of your frying range. To remove any build-up, Ceres has developed Deep Fryer Cleaner, which it recommends operators use as part of a regular boil out.

The caustic soda-free formula not only cleans pans but conditions them too, leaving the natural protective layers intact. It can be used on all fryers and ranges as well as all metal types.

Charlie Collins, owner of Frydales in Leicester, switched from using soda crystals to clean his pans to Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner and comments: “I was surprised by the results. I use liquid oil and there was a layer of plastic-like material on my pans called polymerisation. The cleaner managed to get rid of that and some carbon so, for very old pans, it made a significant difference.

“My oil is lasting much longer since I’ve cleaned the pans, and where the probes had a carbon coating round them, they weren’t reading accurate temperatures all the time. Clearing those probes has led to a more stable temperature.”

Fry readers can claim an exclusive 10% discount off Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner by entering the code FRY10 at the checkout when ordering from the Ceres Online Shop.

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