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Deliveroo sets up seagull-free ‘Chipwatch’ zones on beaches

Home » News » Deliveroo sets up seagull-free ‘Chipwatch’ zones on beaches

Deliveroo is ensuring beachgoers can eat their fish and chips without a seagull swooping in with the launch of ‘Chipwatch’ zones.

A mobile seagull deterrent crew armed with reflective umbrellas, decoy hawks and a new seagull distracting track called ‘Bye Gull Bye’ will be heading to Brighton beach on Friday 22nd July and Scarborough beach on Sunday 24th July. Beachgoers and holidaymakers can enter the ‘Chipwatch’ zones on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Chipwatch crew will embody the essence of the smash-hit TV show Bay Watch, donning teal shorts and reflective jackets to boot. Bye Gull Bye, created with a gull expert and sound engineers, will provide the background music to the ‘Chipwatch’ zones to further ensure a seagull-free experience.

The initiative follows research by Deliveroo that says 53% of Brits have experienced the act of robbery by seagulls while trying to enjoy an al fresco meal.

Aisha Jefferson at Deliveroo, said: “One of the biggest summer rituals is al fresco dining, especially on the beach, but seagulls can wreak havoc on your peaceful picnic. If you’re worried about food-snatching seagulls, our Chipwatch crew will be on hand to protect you from having to share your food with our flying friends. If the beach isn’t your thing but you still find yourself covering your snacks, we’ve curated a music track that will safely distract and deter seagulls from pinching your food. It’s also a bit of a banger, which you can play via the Deliveroo Youtube or Spotify channel. Hopefully it’ll be music to your ears, but not so much the seagulls’.”

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