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Chip shop boss sets new Guinness World Record for wrapping five portions of chips

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Zohaib Hussain Guinness World Record

A fish and chip shop owner from Wales has broken the Guinness World Record for wrapping five portions of chips.

Zohaib Hussain, of Zero Plus Fish Bar in Cardiff, successfully wrapped five portions of chips in 40.13 seconds, beating the current world record holder Stephanie Celik’s time of 44.43 seconds set in 2018. 

The guidelines for the record meant Zohaib was required to dish up five portions of chips each weighing over 350g, season them with salt and vinegar before wrapping them in at least two sheets of paper.

Two time keepers, two independent witnesses and two film crews were on hand to document the attempt and provide the much-needed evidence, which has since been approved by Guinness.

Zohaib, who practised for the attempt for over a year, comments: “I watched the previous two records, which are available on YouTube, and followed those really. 

“I know it’s going to sound strange, but Stephanie is quite small in height and I noticed she was wasting about four seconds going from one end to the other end. I’m taller so I think that’s where I saved those four seconds.”

During rehearsals, Zohaib was hitting 41 to 42 seconds so was confident he would break the record, which took place on National Fish & Chip Day, adding: “My best ever was 40 seconds dead. So once I hit 40.13 on my first real attempt I thought I’m happy with that!

“I’m not sure how long I’ll hold the record for, I’m sure someone will break it in the future, but at least I can say I’ve held it for a while!”

Admitting it was quite nerve-wracking doing it for real in front of the cameras, Zohaib adds: “There was a bit of pressure, but I’m over the moon.”

The potatoes used on the day were donated by the takeaway’s supplier R&M Potatoes. The shop celebrated its victory with half price chips for customers that evening.

Zohaib adds: “It’s been great, customers have been coming in and joking with the staff that they are not wrapping fast enough and asking if I can wrap their chips. That’s what it’s all about, we love having a joke with our customers when they come in.

“The industry is going through a tough time at the moment with VAT going back up to 20% and so it’s good to put a positive spin on fish and chips.”

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