750 takeaway owners call for urgent government support

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Hundreds of fish and chip operators are among the 750 independent takeaway owners that have joined forces to call for urgent government support to prevent mass closures in the face of surging costs.

In an open letter, headed up by the British Takeaway Campaign, the government is asked to back Britain’s local favourites. It reads: “The many hundred restaurant owners who have signed this letter, and the many thousands more we represent, are being forgotten and the rising cost of doing business presents a severe risk to their future. As a vital part of our economy, our nation’s takeaways must be protected.”

It cites skyrocketing energy bills, food price inflation, a lack of staff, and supply chain delays for making hospitality “unsustainable”, adding: “The local curry house has been part of the fabric of Britain for generations, while the local fish and chip shop is synonymous with our heritage worldwide. If we lose these our local favourites, we risk losing part of what makes us British.”

The letter calls for Britain’s small restaurants not to be forgotten about and demands action, including a temporary cut in VAT, grants similar to those issued during the pandemic, business rates reform and for new regulations affecting small businesses to be postponed for at least a year.

It concludes by saying: “None of these changes in isolation will be enough to keep every oven hot or wok frying, but together these small changes could significantly reduce the burden felt by small business owners across the country.”

Read the letter in full here.

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