30 Minutes With…Debbie Fox, co-owner, Seafront Chippy, Hornsea, East Yorkshire

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What’s your favourite food?

I love chips covered in salt and vinegar. The smell when the vinegar hits the hot chips just gets the taste buds flowing. And chips are so versatile they go with anything and everything.

Is there a food you won’t eat?

I will not eat mango, the flavour is lovely but the texture is not!

Where have you had the best fish and chips?

Not fish and chips but sausage and chips from when I was a child. My dad regularly took my brothers and I to Scarborough for days out and he would always treat us to sausage and chips from the Fish Pan on the front.

What side is a must with your fish and chips?

Mushy peas. Not the supermarket tinned rubbish but steeped and boiled marrowfat peas. No explanation needed, just phwoar!

If you could open a fish and chip shop anywhere, where would it be?

Corfu, it’s a beautiful country that is crying out for a decent fish and chip shop. 

Do you have a favourite restaurant?

I love Florios in Scarborough. The surroundings are ok but the food and service has always been spot on. Absolutely beautiful pizza.

What is your go-to drink?

Coffee – black, white, milky, any combination as long as it is constant and warm!

What dish reminds you most of your childhood?

Ribs and chips. This was mine and my dad’s favourite food as it was something just for me and him. We used to get it from a local restaurant called Carlos and sit in his Ford Escort eating it when he finished work. Whenever I have ribs it makes me smile. The restaurant is long gone but when they closed, my dad got the recipe from the chef and still makes it from time to time. 

What is your guilty food pleasure?

I love crisps. I can eat crisps all day every day, the best being cheese and onion, but any flavour will do. I introduced my 50-year-old friend to putting crisps in a sandwich. How can you get to that age and not have done it? Anyway, she never does any other now!

What’s been your weirdest food combination?

Tuna and marmite on toast. In my defence I was pregnant and it was during Covid, so I had to make do with what we had in. I thoroughly enjoyed it but not sure I could face it again.

What one piece of equipment would you love to purchase for your business?

A donut machine. At Seafront Chippy there is an ice cream kiosk at the side and I’d love to add donuts to the product list. We would then be able to do deep fried Mars Bars (shouldn’t be lovely but really are) and at Easter deep fried Creme Eggs. 

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