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The sky’s the limit for Shavington Fish Bar after installing a new Florigo 

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Nick Chapman has very fond memories growing up in the fish and chip shops that his parents used to own. It was whilst being a chef at his parent’s pub that he spotted the opportunity to purchase his own shop, Shavington Fish Bar in Crewe. 

His favourite part of running his business has always been working with the finest ingredients he can find to produce the most amazing product possible. “Seeing that end product being portioned up and served to your customers as it leaves the shop has to be the best feeling,” he says.

Deciding to refit the shop as he felt they had reached their maximum potential working within their current system, Nick wanted to take the business to the next level, with all new systems and equipment. “To put it bluntly, our current working processes were holding us back,” he says.

As soon as Nick decided to do the work required, Florigo was his number one choice. “I did do my own market research and spoke to quite a few people within our industry for their advice, all the feedback still pointed towards Florigo plus I love the way the ranges look and knew it would do everything we wanted from it.”

Nick has found lots of jobs have been made easier with the Florigo, adding: “I used to spend considerable time and energy filtering my oil every morning the traditional way using a stand-alone machine. Obviously now we have the Active Triple Filtration system built in which makes life much easier and saves valuable time. Basket frying has made service a lot easier than the traditional way, saving time and producing a better product. It’s more a general thing but for me in terms of ease, it has to be how well the range now copes during busy periods, making life less stressful.”

Other features Nick likes are the halo lighting as he’s now able to see everything cooking much clearer, and the fan heating system in the chip box which helps maintain an even temperature and keeps the chips in peak condition.

“One other feature that I’m so glad we have is the heat plate for the click & collect orders, this is invaluable with the increase of more and more people turning towards this method of ordering.”

Since reopening, the shop has been extremely busy setting new records every day which makes Nick even more grateful for the Florigo. “We know we wouldn’t have been able to keep up or cope with the extra demand without it.

“We now have a lovely looking shop and at last a range that can cope with pretty much anything you can throw at it. With this in mind, we feel the sky really is the limit. We have options available to us to grow the business that just weren’t available to us before. We are looking forward to expanding our operation knowing there is now nothing holding us back.”

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