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A bright idea

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Henry Nuttall Range

After selling the very busy and now world-famous Binley Mega Chippy in Coventry, Deano Tandon was looking for another venture to get involved in when he came across a vacant shop in nearby Cheylesmore.

Closed for three years, Deano has injected the passion lost by the previous owners back into the business by completely refurbishing and rebranding it in his favourite colours, blue and yellow.

“The shop looks great, everyone comes in and says how vibrant it is,” says Deano. “We’ve included a feature wall too with a timeline of our family’s history in fish and chips, starting with my dad in the ‘60s right up to the present day here.”

Fitting in with the new decor at the takeaway, which has been renamed Deano’s, is a three pan high efficiency Henry Nuttall counter range with a striking yellow and blue bespoke acrylic front and matching powder coating.

“I wanted the bright colours, I wanted the whole range lit up and something a bit different, and Henry Nuttall catered for it. It looks even better at night when it’s all lit up, I just love it.”

Deano is so pleased with the range front, he’s had it wrapped in vinyl to protect it!

As well as designing a range that looks the part, Henry Nuttall was on hand to offer advice on the configuration too. 

Deano adds: “I wasn’t new to fish and chips so I knew what size of range I wanted, which was a three pan. Henry Nuttall said I didn’t need three full-size pans and that two large and a small would work fine. Initially, I wanted two chip boxes as well but, again, Nuttall said we wouldn’t need two. I have to say, they got it bang on. 

“When we are busy on a Friday or Saturday, we can get all our fish in those pans while three people fit comfortably serving with plenty of room.”

Adding built-in filtration, which Deano uses every day, helps keep the oil fresh and the food free of any carbon particles, while the speed and efficiency of the pans are turning out food quicker and saving on gas. 

“The pans come up to temperature straight away when you put anything in and they heat up from cold in the mornings really quickly,” says Deano. “Whereas my old pans at Binley would take 40 minutes to get up to temperature, these take about 15-20 minutes so I know I’m saving gas right there.

“If you spend once wisely it works out in the end and you get your return back.”

Henry Nuttall 01909 560808 www.henrynuttall.co.uk

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