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Generations keep returning to Kingfisher Fish & Chips in Hinkley, Leicestershire, for its high quality food fried in P100

Kingfisher Fish & Chips has been serving the residents of Hinkley for over 26 years from its street corner location. With thousands of chimney pots surrounding it, residents have come to rely upon it not just for their Friday night fish and chips, but for their mid-week sausages, pies, nuggets, kebabs and fishcakes. 

While many shops across the UK have diversified over the years to reflect changing consumer habits, here the options have remained the same with owner Hari Malhi saying fish – of which cod, haddock and plaice are all available – remains its biggest seller. 

“We are still a busy shop,” says Hari. “Our customers love the taste of our fish and chips and keep returning to us. One of the reasons for this is that we fry in P100 which gives the food a very nice taste and our makes our batter crispy.”

Holding up well to the high temperatures he fries at, Hari uses his 26 years’ experience in the trade to tell when his fat needs changing. “P100 lasts a long time, but when it starts getting dark we change it. We will empty the pan, wipe it over and fill it with fresh oil.

“If you want light-coloured food that tastes nice, you need a good quality oil. When it starts getting dark, it is no good, food will not taste good and customers will not like it. If you are offering good service, you need to be using a high quality oil.”

Never having had a complaint about his food, Hari has had no reason to consider frying in anything else, adding: “We get generations coming in. We’ve had people come in with their children and then their children after that – that is why we use P100 and why we won’t ever change.”

P100 is fully segregated RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil with a loyal following built up over more than 70 years in the trade. It is free from allergens, additives, animal fats and hydrogenated oils, low in trans fatty acids and suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans. 

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