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Filter faster and quieter with new Merlin Maestro

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Merlin Maestro Filter Machine

Following on from the success of the Merlin Master-Fry filter machine, Premier1 Filtration is launching the new Merlin Maestro which is faster, quieter, easier to operate and maintainer friendly.

Incorporating customer feedback into the new design, the Merlin Maestro oil filtering machine includes a number of fail-safe features to ensure longevity and eliminate problems associated with operator error. For example, a heat-up motor protection prevents the machine from pumping oil until it has reached the desired temperature, while a thermal cut-off will switch the machine off if it is left on, preventing it from overheating.  

A new pump and motor system will not only ensure a quieter operation but also accelerate the filtering process, providing operators with increased efficiency and productivity.

In addition to reducing the number of parts in the machine, Premier1 has consolidated key components within a removable control panel located at the top of the machine. This innovative approach provides operators with convenient access to change essential components such as lights and switches. What’s more, in the event that repairs are necessary, the modular control panel can simply be lifted out and sent for servicing or replacement, minimising downtime and streamlining the repair process. 

All components are now plug-and-play, making service and repairs much quicker for the operator, while an improved coupling gives increased longevity to the connection between the hose and filter machine. 

Mindful of its environmental responsibilities, Premier1 Filtration can convert any Merlin or Aries filter machine into a refurbished Merlin Phoenix (Merlin Maestro internal components, but no removable control panel), enabling operators to benefit from the improved technology. 

In addition, the machines are compatible with the filter media currently used by the Merlin and Aries machines, so there is no need to buy new stocks of filter papers and filter pads.

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