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Back for good

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Burton Road

Burton Road Chippy in Lincoln has been a loyal user of Frymax for over four decades due to its consistent, reliable and high-quality nature

Like a lot of takeaway owners over the past year and a half, Des Anastasiou has had to make changes to his business in order to survive the current market conditions. Prices have gone up – a move Des has countered by introducing a range of light bite meals for just over £5, ensuring fish and chips remains affordable for all – and now all food is cooked to order – not just fish – in an effort to reduce wastage. 

“We were very reluctant to put prices up and the reason for the reluctance was the fact that if we feel the pinch as a business, our customers, they feel the pinch twice as hard,” explains Des. “But eventually, we had to face reality. The light bite meals, however, I have to say are becoming the most important items we do, they are really, really popular, especially at lunchtimes.”

Open-minded to change, there’s one product that Des stands by – Frymax. He’s been frying in it for over 40 years, the reasons being, he says, are the longevity and quality it offers.  

“I have tried other oils in the past when new products have come out because how do you know that what you are using is the best if you haven’t tried anything else?” says Des. 

“A few years ago, it was hydrogenated oils that hit the market and, yes, they did go a long way – longer than Frymax – but was it a good product? No, I didn’t think so, so I went back to Frymax. When rapeseed oil came on the scene, again, I tried that too but I didn’t like it so, again, I went back to Frymax. It’s the biggest compliment I can give to Frymax, the fact that I keep going back. It’s a premium product, it’s consistent and it lasts well.”

With years of experience in the industry, Des understands that simply purchasing a premium oil is not sufficient to ensure longevity. As a result, he has implemented a rigorous oil management system to properly maintain it. This involves regular filtering and, during quieter periods, turning off the pans to prevent the temperature from rising.

“Things like making sure your chips are dry before you put them in the oil to cook because obviously oil and water don’t work very well together,” he adds. “Another one is covering your pans when not in use stops the oxidisation of the oil. If you do those things and you use Frymax, yes, you can go a lot longer with it.”

Preferring the neutral taste of Frymax, which he says allows the flavour of the fish and chips to come through, Des also uses Frymax because of its sustainability credentials. 

“We always try and use sustainable products,” he says. “Our packaging is all sustainable and we have a high efficiency frying range, so the fact Frymax is 100% sustainable vegetable oil is another tick and means we are doing our bit towards saving the environment.”

Frymax www.frymax.co.uk

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