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Key international football matches rarely fall during the winter months, which also happens to be when pie consumption is at an all-time high.  As football and pies go hand-in-hand, Pukka is urging fish & chip shops to take advantage of this unique opportunity to bag bumper pie sales. Fry’s Publisher, Reece Head, takes a closer look.

With food at the heart of British sporting celebrations big and small, fish & chip shops should prepare to make the most of this unique sales opportunity, as we gear up to cheer on our national football teams. 

Pukka’s Managing Director, Isaac Fisher, has highlighted “an extraordinary sales opportunity not to be missed” to drive increased pies sales this year.

“While we know our pies are enjoyed all year round, there is a particular preference for them during the colder months. In fact, pie sales increased +14% during autumn / winter last year . And when you also consider that during the international matches of summer 2021, sales spiked +25% , there is no better time to get prepped for a huge influx of customers.”

Fish & chip shops have always been Pukka’s heartland and that’s why the nation’s number one pie brand  is arming chippy owners with the tools they need to make the most of this unique opportunity. 

Fisher explains: “Firstly, offering a complete line-up of pies is vital, so that you have something for everyone. Utilise a combination of our classic recipes, alongside our pitch-side favourite Chicken Balti. You can expand appeal even further by stocking-up on our vegetarian and vegan-friendly pies.”

To further boost sales, fish & chip shops should consider click & collect and home delivery services – to give their customers an easy way to order their pie & chips meal pre-game, post-game or during halftime.

Fisher adds: “It’s also important to shout about the services you offer on social media, which can directly impact sales because of the enhanced visibility you’re driving of your shop.

“Finally, visit our foodservice website to download resources like our Social Media Toolkit and bespoke POS – which will help you to drive engagement and generate sales growth even further this winter.”

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