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Only the best McWhinney’s Sausages will do for The Cod’s Scallops 

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Cods Scallops

The Cod’s Scallops in Mansfield Road, Nottingham, is the reigning champion of Fish and Chip Shop of the Year award, having won in 2020, and owner John Molnar knows a thing or two about quality. 

John insists on only using the best of everything. This made McWhinney’s Sausages the obvious option, but it wasn’t just the company’s reputation for quality and consistency that impressed John enough to use them in his shop (and all the locations that were to come). 

The team at The Cod’s Scallops blind tasted a sample of the best the market had to offer and, in John’s own words: “It wasn’t done on price – the choice was driven by flavour and texture. McWhinney’s came out top by a country mile and we’ve never looked back.” 

John is such a firm believer in the product that his uniforms have the McWhinney’s Sausages logo proudly displayed on the sleeve. 

Now with six locations, and looking to strengthen the brand even further, John is intimately involved in every facet of the business. A chef by training, he brings a unique insight to the role which has led The Cod’s Scallops to make innovative and bold decisions which have proved priceless. 

One such decision was to have a full time production and development kitchen which is home to two chefs who prepare food for all the locations. John, whose desk is strategically placed within this kitchen, says: “95% of what we sell is centrally produced and then packaged for transport to the other locations. It allows us to control the quality and consistency of every meal that goes out regardless of which of the shops it comes from.”

With the news giving very little hope for the months ahead, it is all too easy to have a bleak outlook – not for John. “The Cod’s Scallops has built itself on giving a consistent experience to our customers using quality products. It is all about keeping positive and working through whatever challenges come our way. It is tough, but if you cook the best ingredients people understand and appreciate what they are getting and will always come back for more. It is why we have always worked with McWhinney’s Sausages – their reputation for quality is well deserved.”

John really does have experience in all corners of the industry. After his time as a chef, working in Michelin star hotels and in Bermuda for a time, he owned a pub company. At all times John harboured his one dream – create a place that can showcase the best of what is on offer. It is fair to say, awards not withstanding, that one visit to The Cod’s Scallops is enough to convince anyone that he has succeeded in making this dream a reality.

McWhinney’s Sausages 028 9127 1811 www.mcwhinneys.com

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