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Kismet Kebab Meat Free

At Kismet Kebabs, we are excited to announce the launch of our brand new plant-based range!

Plant-based and vegan food are becoming increasingly important as we are seeing an undeniable shift towards vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyles. Consumers are choosing to cut back their meat consumption and are trying new meat free alternatives.

As one of the UK’s best kebab suppliers, we strive for excellence and to cater for all. That’s why we’ve decided in addition to our wide range of kebabs, chicken kebabs and pre-cooked kebabs we are now offering a wide variety of meat free options, including plant-based pre-cooked kebabs, plant-based kebabs, burgers, hotdogs and so much more!

Kismet Plant-Based range includes:

• Plant-based pre-cooked kebabs 

• Plant-based kebabs 

• Plant-based Anatolian gyros strips

• Plant-based plain gyros strips 

• Plant-based burgers 

• Plant-based hotdogs 

• Plant-based nuggets 

For further information, call 01621 744055 or visit

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