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Peppadew Bites

Meeting the demand for tasty, premium, flexitarian options are new Peppadew Bites from pepper brand Peppadew. 

Said to balance the sweet, tangy flavour of its signature whole Piquanté pepper with a smooth West Country soft cheese filling, the bites are coated in a crisp, panko-style crumb. 

Perfect for starters, sides, small plates/tapas, bar bites, or as an addition to sharing-platters, the frozen bites can be ready in 3-4 minutes straight from the fryer, making them the quick and simple way to pep up a menu. 

With research suggesting customers are willing to pay a premium for the Peppadew brand, its creators average that each 5kg case serves up a substantial £200 return, making the bites an easy way to drive margin. 

Peppadew Foodservice

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