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Tap into the growing gluten free market with Dinaclass

The gluten free market grew by 12.7% in 2020 to be worth over £3bn and was leading the free from market, according to data analysts Nielsen.

While only 1% of the UK population have been medically diagnosed with coeliac disease, the market is being filled by those choosing to cut out gluten for health reasons. By adding gluten free options to your menu, you not only stand to gain these customers but potentially entire families or groups who will choose where to eat based on where the person with the dietary requirement has options to choose from. Don’t miss out on orders because people can’t eat together, add Dinaclass Gluten Free Curry Sauce to the menu. 

As a vegan, gluten-free and halal sauce, Dinaclasss Gluten Free Curry has the authentic taste of traditional Dinaclass curries, but enables everyone to indulge no matter their dietary requirements.

With health and nutritional concerns rising amongst consumers within the QSR channel, it’s vital to stock the perfect curry sauce for everyone. With Dinaclass you can cater for everyone’s taste: you will have traditional curry, with sultanas or without, to gluten free and vegetarian alternatives. 

Curries you can rely on  

Dinaclass sauces are carefully blended from quality ingredients, creating unique mouth- watering flavours and spice blends. It is no wonder that for every second that passes, a pot of Dinaclass curry sauce is sold in the UK. Dinaclass has even expanded its portfolio with the launch of Dinaclass Chinese Curry. The new and improved recipe delivers an authentic and on-trend spiced, oriental flavour which customers will love.

It is well-documented that younger consumers are increasingly looking for more adventurous flavours when opting for curry sauce. Now available in a 10kg value pack to boost profits to the next level, Dinaclass’ Irish Curry Sauce Mix delivers a smooth and fruity sensation followed by a spicy kick at the end, perfect for those on the hunt for more diverse palate combinations.

Cash in on Gravy

The range doesn’t stop at curry sauce either with Dinaclass gravy delivering simplicity and quality to operators, as well as great taste to consumers. Gravy is a key regional accompaniment to chips, particularly popular in the north of the UK, with close to a quarter of northerners ordering gravy to pour over their fish and chips. With the inclusion of Chip Shop Gravy as well as its Original Gravy Mix, Dinaclass has grown its bçrand and product portfolio from strength to strength.

By creating the products consumers want, and making them simple to prepare, Dinaclass is committed to helping QSR businesses nationwide maximise their menus’ potential and boost profits.

For more information visit https://eu.kerryfoodservice.com/pages/dinaclass

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