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Once upon a time…

Henry Jones famously invented his Bristol-born self-raising flour in 1845. Receiving an American patent for his unique process only a few years later instigated the Age of Dry Mixes, the birth of packaged, pre-mixed, just-add-water breads, cakes, pancakes and more

Renowned for being the original batter mix, over 70 years ago Henry Jones fine-tuned and patented his flour formula to become synonymous with the finest batter solutions to serve the British fish and chip community. The Henry Jones portfolio combines his traditional craftsmanship with quality mixtures that operators know and love. 

Henry Jones batter mix special recipe delivers the unique rippled, spike texture and colour depth your customers’ eyes will be drawn to, without any compromise. Suitable for use with fish, sausages, onion rings chicken, burgers and other fresh foods.

Unrivalled excellence

Steeped in heritage, Henry Jones relies on a tried and tested special recipe, a closely guarded secret for over 70 years. With its unique texture, quality and colour, Henry Jones’ batter hugs the product more, holding a tighter level of coating. Unrivalled, you can rely on Henry Jones products no matter the application or challenge, meaning your dishes will consistently deliver and delight. 

Trusted in fish and chip shops, Henry Jones offers a portfolio of high-quality, authentic products that guarantee total reliability. 

Henry Jones solutions

Henry Jones believe that quality should never be compromised no matter what the circumstance. With no soy or artificial colourings, the range provides a less puffy, more textured batter with a softer bite, perfect for any fish and chip shop. 

Henry Jones offers a variety of colour choices to meet all fish and chip owners’ and consumers’ preferences. With a proud tradition of excellence, the Henry Jones portfolio consists of:  

Henry Jones Gold Batter Mix

Henry Jones Normal Batter Mix

Henry Jones Light Batter Mix

Henry Jones Thistle Batter Mix

Henry Jones Irish Batter Mix

Karen Heavey, Brand Manager at Kerry Foodservice, comments: “The Henry Jones Batter Mix range has been a staple product for fish and chip shop owners for over 70 years. With traditional values at its core, this batter provides taste, quality and authenticity that customers crave. Henry Jones gives operators a chance to offer the nation’s favourite takeaway in the most traditional way.”

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