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Chips & Dinaclass Curry Sauce

Take advantage of National Curry Week from 2nd to 8th October 2023 by adding Dinaclass Irish Curry sauce to your menu.

Featuring the classic flavour of an Irish curry sauce with a more potent kick of heat, Dinaclass Irish Curry Sauce makes a perfect companion to fish and chips.

Participate in the celebrations further by giving away small sample pots in the first half of National Curry Week and follow up with discounts and meal deals later in the week that include Dinaclass Irish Curry Sauce. Take this opportunity to boost your business by driving footfall to your takeaway and creating repeat orders well after the week-long celebrations have ended. 

If you offer additional Indian dishes, why not bring them all together and create a themed menu to celebrate National Curry Week?

Dinaclass Irish Curry Sauce is available in a powdered format in 10kg bags. It can be pre-prepared in minutes simply by adding water and then held in a bain marie or, alternatively, mixed and served on the spot. 

Take advantage of this flavourful opportunity to bring in more customers and revenue during National Curry Week!

For more information, visit eu.kerryfoodservice.com/pages/Dinaclass

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