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Hikary's Fish & Chips

Hikary’s Fish Bar in Neath, south west Wales, is celebrating after winning £1,000 with Heinz SqueezMe

Hikary’s Fish Bar is constantly striving to excel, producing top quality, homemade fish and chips and cooking them to order to ensure ultimate freshness and quality. 

The takeaway’s motto is simple: to provide a first-class service using first-class ingredients. Two products which owner Ouday Hikary is still using 13 years after first opening are Heinz SqueezMe Tomato Ketchup and Mayonnaise.

Ouday comments: “My customers are always looking for a top quality product, and Heinz SqueezMe is the best in terms of flavour and quality.

“Also, I have an eight-year-old son and his favourite when he comes to the shop is sausage butty and chips with Heinz Tomato Ketchup. If my son likes it, so will a majority of the kids.”

Displaying Heinz SqueezMe in a carousel on the counter at the point of purchase, Ouday sells them for 55p each. “It’s great because customers can just grab them and go,” he says.  

Hikary's Fish & Chips

Containing a generous 26ml of sauce and featuring easy-to open, mess-free packaging, the pods are ideal for Ouday’s customers, many of which he sees tucking into fish and chips in their cars outside.

Hikary’s has won various accolades over the years, including featuring in the top 10 in the country in the 2016 National Fish & Chip Awards, plus numerous Fry Top 50 awards. The takeaway is celebrating once again after being one of 20 shops to each win £1,000 of credit with their preferred wholesaler, courtesy of Heinz SqueezMe.

Ouday comments: “I was gobsmacked when the rep from Heinz came into the shop to tell me I had won. I have never won any supplier competitions in this shop, so I was chuffed. It all helps towards our bills which are still increasing. I’ve used the money to buy a couple of SqueezMe boxes, some oil and some fish – all essentials – which really helps right now.

“Like all shops, I spend thousands of pounds a week with my wholesaler, so it was great to have £1,000 off the bill.”

Despite facing increasing pressure from rising costs, Ouday has remained committed to his shop’s motto to serve quality, adding: “Nearly everything I started with 13 years ago I’ve stuck by. I know prices have gone up but I have never compromised on quality. I’ve changed things because they are better, but never to save money. And I’ll never change from Heinz for that reason, it’s a quality product. And, anyway, I don’t think my son would let me!”


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