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Gravy and Pie

Rupert’s Ingredients introduces its line up of gravies, perfect for the modern day fish and chip shop

A traditional fish and chip shop gravy that’s rich and savoury will give you the best possible authentic fish and chip shop experience. 

Typically a British tradition of covering a small plate of chips with the entire contents of a gravy boat, gravy has now become a favourite pairing for a variety of everyday meals, from pies and puddings to sausages and more recently, fried chicken! We’ve got a gravy for every occasion. 

Beef & Onion

Rupert’s Beef & Onion Gravy is deliciously smooth and offers an authentic flavour. Mix and pour over all meats and chips with so many more choices of applications available.

Chicken Gravy

Rupert’s Chicken Gravy boasts a rich chicken flavour and is ideal for all occasions. Slowly pour over southern fried chicken, chips and many more food choices.

Veggie Curry Sauce

Rupert’s gently spiced veggie curry sauce is a must for any fish and chip shop owner. Ideal for pouring over chips and for everyone to savour the flavour. 

Don’t delay being part of the revelation and our truly amazing flavours. 

Visit our website at and fill out the enquiry form. 

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