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Fresh looking golden chips all year round

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Drywite All Seasons has been developed to address seasonal variations in the quality of potatoes. It’s formulated to help address excess starch and sugar in winter or summer, old potatoes or new and will improve your end product.

Removing the excess starch and sugars in potatoes reduces caramelisation in the frying medium, preventing dark fried chips whilst reducing the formation of acrylamide at the same time. For most of the year you will require a standard dose while at other times you may be able to reduce the dose. Then, when sugar levels are higher, you can increase the dose to suit. Using All Seasons also provides an extended shelf life to chips and peeled potatoes. 

Try Drywite All Seasons today and everyday. Drywite are confident that your chips will benefit from this new technology, which is unique to them. The cost of treating 100 portions of chips is less than 40p.

To learn more about the benefits of using All Seasons, call the Drywite sales office 01384 569556 or email sales@drywite.co.uk 

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