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Do it with Dinaclass

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Offering a range of curry sauces that work across the menu, fish and chip shops can add extra value to every order with Dinaclass

Around a quarter of consumers opt for curry sauce on their fish and chips (YouGov 2020), making it a must-have menu item. But its popularity extends beyond just fish and chips – Dinaclass curry sauces make delicious add-ons to favourites such as chicken, pies and loaded fries, perfect marinades for meats and even simple bases for more creative sauces. 

With Dinaclass, fish and chip shops have a wide assortment of curry sauces at their fingertips. Choose Dinaclass to ensure there is a variety for every customer; from traditional, gluten free or vegetarian options, with sultanas or without, there is one to suit all tastes.

Committed to innovating and responding to current trends, Dinaclass recently added a Chinese Curry Sauce Mix, a flavoursome Chinese style curry sauce for customers craving something spicier.

Thanks to this winning combination of innovation and quality, Dinaclass is now one of the top out-of-home chip shop curry brands and, in the UK, a pot of Dinaclass curry sauce is sold every second.

The Dinaclass range not only provides great taste but even tastier profits too. For example, a shop serving 500 4oz portions at £1.80 stands to make an £855 profit!


Dinaclass curry sauces are available in 10kg powdered formats and can be prepared in minutes just by adding some water. They can be made up ahead of time and held in a Bain Marie or mixed on the spot if more is required.  

For operators with low volumes or those wanting to trial a curry sauce for the first time, Dinaclass offers Microwave Curry, which can be prepared, potted up, refrigerated and microwaved as needed.

Sell more, profit more

An effective way to increase profits further is to tempt customers with a tasty side dish or an add-on. Operators should be asking customers if they would like a side of curry sauce with every transaction. 

Up-selling online is even easier. Average spend is often much higher online than in-store as customers pay less attention to what they are spending and more time browsing the menu and adding extras. Dinaclass curry sauce should be positioned clearly on the menu and a pop-up box added, prompting customers to add a pot before they check out. 

Elevate your dishes, your menu and your sales with the flavour and quality of Dinaclass.

For more information visit eu.kerryfoodservice.com/pages/dinaclass

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