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With Coeliac Awareness Week taking place from 8th-14th May, Dinaclass can help fish and chip shops safely cater for customers avoiding gluten with its Gluten Free Curry Sauce. 

According to Coeliac UK, 1 in 100 people in the UK has coeliac disease. However, gluten free is fast becoming the most common special dietary request when eating out as many more customers seek to cut it from their diets or, at the very least, reduce their intake.

Featuring the same authentic taste as its traditional curry sauces, Dinaclass Gluten Free Curry Sauce is a rich, thick and spicy curry sauce that provides the perfect accompaniment for dipping into or pouring over chips.

Available in a powdered format in 4.54kg bags, operators can have a gluten free curry sauce ready to go in just minutes simply by adding water, mixing and bringing it to the boil. Once prepared, it can be held in a Bain Marie or, alternatively, served on the spot. 

Karen Heavey, brand manager at Kerry Foodservice, comments: “Offering gluten free menu options is more important than ever. Whether a customer needs to avoid gluten for health reasons or decides to cut it out because of a lifestyle choice, your business can benefit greatly from adding Dinaclass Gluten Free Curry Sauce to your menu. What’s more, with coeliacs often driving the decision over where to eat, you potentially stand to gain the custom of everyone in that party, thereby increasing sales further.”

Vegetarian and halal too, Dinaclass Gluten Free Curry Sauce is the curry sauce that everyone can enjoy.

For more information, visit eu.kerryfoodservice.com/pages/Dinaclass

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