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Expand your dessert offering and scoop more profits with Kerrymaid Angelito Ice Cream Mix and DaVinci Drizzles

With the long, sunny days finally here, it’s not only the temperature outside that is sent rising but ice cream sales too. 

Get summer ready with the delicious creamy taste of Kerrymaid Angelito Ice Cream Mix. Paired with any soft scoop machine, the 1-litre mix offers the delicious taste of Irish dairy ice cream with the thick, smooth, silky texture customers know and love. 

Excellent profit margins

Whether it’s a single-serve cone to-go, an ice cream sundae piled high or the finishing touch to a sticky toffee pudding or apple crumble, Kerrymaid Angelito Ice Cream Mix is not only super versatile but it also offers a great yield and guarantees excellent profit margins. In fact, it generates the highest cone yield per case!


Take it to the max

Give your menu even more appeal by pairing Kerrymaid Angelito Ice Cream Mix with DaVinci Drizzles, a range of sauces that include popular flavours such as Belgian Chocolate, Raspberry, and Strawberry. The drizzles are available in 500g bottles, you can be as creative as you desire – add one sauce or multiple, add them as toppings or weave through in ribbons to create layers – and each addition is an opportunity to upsell further. 

Why stop there? You can take your dessert offering to a whole new level by adding sprinkles, crushed Maltesers, chunks of Mars Bars, crumbled Oreos or even popping candy, with each ‘extra’ commanding a 50p surcharge while costing you pennies. All of these profit-maximising strategies are used by high-street dessert chains and will allow you to spruce up your menu and capture much more value from customers.

Add Kerrymaid Angelito Ice Cream Mix and DaVinci Drizzles to your dessert offering, it will make it impossible for your customers to say no!

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