Country Range Katsu Curry Cooking Sauce

With Far East flavours seeing huge interest, Country Range has added an authentic flavoured Katsu Curry Cooking Sauce and Panko Breadcrumbs to its line-up. 

Packed with the flavours and spice profile of the Japanese original, Katsu Curry Cooking Sauce is ready to use, suitable for vegans and great for accompanying not just chicken but a wide array of vegetables and meat too. Its Panko Breadcrumbs, meanwhile, give a light, crunchy, golden finish to classic Japanese dishes like katsu curry and deep-fried shrimp, as well as more conventional foods such as scotch eggs, chicken Kyiv, fishcakes, croquettes and onion rings. 

Katsu Curry Cooking Sauce is available in 2.3kg tubs while Country Range Panko Breadcrumbs are available in 1kg and 10kg packs.  

Country Range  

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