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Bigger pack, bigger profits

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Dinaclass Irish Curry Sauce is now available in a larger 10kg pack size, providing operators with a recipe for even greater profits 

Offering a warm and hearty accompaniment to fish and chips, Dinaclass Irish Curry Sauce combines the classic flavour of an Irish curry sauce but to a stronger spice level for a hotter kick. 

Now in a pack size that ensures more value for fish and chip shops and their customers.

Now in a pack size that ensures more value for fish and chip shops and their customers, each 10kg bag can generate over £660 profit based on an average selling price of £1.50 per 4oz pot.

Dinaclass Irish Curry Sauce is a powdered format that can be mixed with water and served on the spot or held in a bain marie for later. 

Joining the existing 500g, 2kg and 5kg sizes, the new 10kg pack provides operators with more choice and greater convenience.

Karen Heavey, Brand Manager at Kerry Foodservice, comments: “Dinaclass Irish Curry Sauce has always been big on flavour and now with a new larger 10kg pack size, it’s delivering bigger profits too. Expanding the range offers a diverse line-up for shops and, whether they are serving small batches or large quantities, they have a golden opportunity to boost profits and maximise returns.”

For more information, visit eu.kerryfoodservice.com/pages/Dinaclass

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